28PCS Combo Skeleton

Product name:28PCS Combo Skeleton

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Product name: 28PCS Combo Skeleton

28PCS Combo Skeleton prop

This bag of escape room bones prop made of 28pcs durable plastic bones. This bag contains life-size skull, humerus, hand (on wire), hip bone and sacrum (tail bone). This fright props is suitable for the decoration of Halloween and terror theme rooms.

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- Color: As shown

- Material: Durable all-weather plastic

- Size: The human body 1:1 skeleton model

- Made of nontoxic plastic material, odorless and durable, won't pollute the air in your room or harm to your body.

- Decorate your room for the Halloween day, Horror theme escape room or any time you want. Apply for theme interior decoration, bar decoration, site layout and the film scene props.

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