Knock-Knock-EM Lock Version

Product name: Scary phone prop


Product name: Scary phone prop



This is to be used in reality room escape game. The sensor should be installed onto the door (fixed on front or back of the door both is okay)

Adventurers should knock at the door with right rhythm pattern. For example, if the rhythm type is 2-3-2, firstly knock twice, secondly knock 3 times, thirdly knock twice again, then the door will open.


How to reset?

There are 3 methods to reset. You can revise it via the little SD card on the controller.

1. After triggering successfully, wait 30 seconds to reset.

2. After triggering successfully, knock the password again to reset.

3. After triggering successfully, restart to reset.

How to change the knock rhythm?

1. Power off the controller

2. Keep pressing the red button on the controller and put power 12V on the controller

3. Let go of your hands until you heard sound voice and then follow the voice tips

4. After setting please wait for ten seconds then the knocking pattern will saved automatically.


How to adjust the interval of knocking?

There are 3 modes can be revised. You can revise it via the little SD card on the controller.

Fast mode: 0.6 seconds interval

Normal mode: 1 second interval (default)

Slow mode: 1.4 seconds interval



Products Highlights

1. Users can set the rhythm password of theirs own.

2. Users can change the game audio of their own.

3. Users can revise the reset method of their own.

4. Users can adjust the interval of knocking of their own.


Prop list

One 12V power adapter

One controller

One vibration sensor