Smart screen-candle system escape room prop jxkj1987

Product name:  Smart screen-candle system

Product name:  Smart screen-candle system

candles escape room props

Players will find a touching pad showing a escape room puzzle, they need to figure out it according to the clue on the screen. When the puzzle is solved, one 12V EM lock will be released with an audio.

candles escape room prop

Product highlights

1. This is a escape room prop containing puzzle.

2. Escape room owners can adjust three reset options of their own.

3. Escape room owners can revise the audio of their own.

candle escape room puzzle

1. The screen will show a escape room puzzle when we power on this system. Here I attach a picture for you as below.

candle escape game puzzle

2. In this picture, the symbol on the left mountain is dark and the one on the right side is bright with red color. So we should lighted up all candles but the white ones.

candles escape room prop3. When you click on one of the candles, the next to candles and itself will become the opposite effect.

candles escape room props

4. When all the red candles are lighted up and white ones are off, then the 12v electromagnetic lock will be released.

candles DIY escape room

How to revise the reset mode?

1. Restart the controller, the system will enter into a Loading progress bar page.

2. Click the hidden button on the top left of the screen, in order to enter the setting page. You can choose the reset method of their own. There are three options to reset.

1). Manual mode: After triggering successfully, click the hidden button on the top left of the screen to reset.

2). Automatic mode: After being triggered successfully, the prop will reset automatically in 30 seconds.

3). Once mode: Power off and restart to reset after triggering successfully.

candles escape room puzzle

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