UV pen and UV lamp

Product name: UV pen and UV lamp

1987 studioProduct name: UV pen and UV lamp

UV pen and UV lamp

Invisible UV Marker: The painting can only be seen under UV/Black light.

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1) Handwriting can be permanently preserved.

2) It can be washed.

3) It can be written on common paper, cloth, skin, wood, glass, smooth plastic film, wall, etc.

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UV Lamp: E27 screw (It can be twisted to ordinary household lamp holder directly or twisted to desk lamp, but note: it is not suitable for adjustable lighting desk lamp)

Voltage: 220V Voltage

Material: Aviation Aluminum, Acrylic Lens.

Size: diameter: 50mm, height: 63mm

Weight: 40 grams

Power: 3W

Color: ultraviolet light

Band: 395nm

Luminescence angle: 35 degrees (range 10-15 meters in dark environment)

Energy Consumption: 7W (Relative to ordinary light bulbs, it can save more than 95% of electricity charges)

Other application areas:

1: UV glue curing

2: medical sterilization

3: Leak detection of air conditioning and automobile circulation system

4: Leakage Inspection of Special Gas and Oil and Gas Pipeline

5: Check the blood marks on the scene of the crime

6: Field Exploration Tools

7: Jewelry and Antique Identification

8: Coloring in the Growth of Plants

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Prop list

One UV pen

One UV lamp

One 12V power supply

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