Plug wires panel

Product name: Plug wires panel

1987 studio

Product name:Plug wires panel

Plug wires panel

Adventurers should insert wires into right slots on the panel, then the lock will be released.

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Product highlights

1.Room owners can set the way of inserting the wires.

2.Room owners can revise the game audio of their own.

3.Room owners can adjust the reset method.

4.Two patterns can be chosen. (red color and blue color)

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1. Adventurers will find a plug wire panel and 6 wires in the chamber room. On the both ends of each wire, there are two plugs which can be inserted into the sockets on the panel.  

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2. By figuring out some puzzles, adventurers should find out the right way to insert these 6 wires into the panel. Not all wires must be used. It depends on the password set by room owner.

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3. If all the wires are inserted into the right sockets, the magic panel will be light up and one lock will be released with audio. Otherwise, nothing will happen.

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How to reset?

There 2 methods to reset. You can adjusted it by the TF card in the controller.

1) Restart to reset.

2) Remove any one of the plugs from the right socket to reset.

escape room prop

escape room prop

Prop list

One plug wire panel (red color/blue color)

Six wires

One 12v power supply

One red button (Please find it inside the panel box, and it is used to configure password)

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